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The first 3TH (3rd Thursday Hangs) of 2018 took place at the happiest of hours offered by Arcadia’s news neighborhood hipster-pub, the Porch. Located on the southeast corner of Indian School and 40 th Street, this bustling new-ish joint offers an outstanding happy hour menu between 3pm to 6:15pm, and because they “last 15 minutes longer than the rest” (finally someone who understands that the fashionably late are often, also on a budget).

$6 will get you a damn-good burger and truffle-doused shoestring fries, $5 for a respectable Caesar salad if veggies are more your thing. Pints are $4, wells and wines are $5, and the cocktail menu is creatively crafted. For instance, the Big Trouble in Little Shanghai is a combination of Korean “Happy Water” and tropical Redbull, that comes with a flippin’ fortune cookie. We’d also like to shoutout to the awesome staff – because the service is tops!

3TH-Recap_Featured-Imaegs_Jan-2018The evening ended with a Jurassic-themed trophy we presented to our MVP of the month, Natalie LaPorte, for the Best Damn Participation Award. While everyone keeps
great company, this girl brought the gusto.

Details on February 3TH will be announced soon.  We hope to see bunch of new faces, catch up with familiar ones, swap gossip and get together for no good reason, just good times.