Good Times: Portal Project

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How do you make friends?

What if you had the chance to make friends in a different country, what would you say? How would you break the ice?

Portals, now located in Downtown Tempe, allows you to interact real-time with people from all over the world. Think like a giant Face-time sesh with some new friends that probably don’t speak the same language as you. In case you’re an awkward potato, the space is staffed by a translator to inspire conversation and facilitate questions to learn first-hand about each other’s cultures.

The brainchild of Shared Studios, Portals turns a golden shipping container into an immersive space in which you interact face-to-face with people via projection from around the world. This experience allows us to embrace diversity, look up from our phones, and really connect.

With 30 different Portals running simultaneously around El Mundo (Spanish for “the world”), you can make global friends, hear their stories, share your own, and learn and teach in this interactive experience.

Throughout the entire month of March, Portals is FREE! Visit Downtown Tempe, outside of the AMC theater to step into another place. Visit as many times as you like to connect with different people from different parts of the world. Each experience is one-of-a-kind.

We all start out as strangers. Make new friends by transforming the container into a yoga studio, bring your instruments and jam, or simply talk. Your experience is up to you! Make a reservation or walkups are welcome (but you might have to wait and who likes to do that? Just make a plan, Stan)

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